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Art  and Antiques

        We are a web-based business literally marrying art, (the American professional artist wife ) with antiques,  (the history-loving Amsterdam husband).   Our shared passions occupied our time more and more, so we co-founded DnD and put our corporate life on the back burner increased jets on the antiques and art.

        We emphasize quality over quantity and specialize in pure antiques. 
The internet allows us to provide up-to-the-minute information to our clients and the ability to  fill voids between dealers' scheduled  buying trips. With repeat business and steady growth we now ship large and small items to dealers and collectors around the world. We go  the extra mile to garner top condition goods. We pack them carefully and use insured, traceable shipping services.  Buyers who are unable to visit local private sales  appreciate the convenience of  trustworthy online transactions indicated by our consistently hundred percent satisfied rating with a history or thousands of satisfied clients.

       We acquire items first because we personally like them for reasons of quality, aesthetic appeal and genuine age . We take pride in demonstrating the quality and rarity to a discriminating  clientele. During special trips combine with onboard classroom, we show art and antiques afficionados how to spot the genuine at soem of the best antique markets in the world.

We hope you have fun while searching for unique items that speak to you with their authenticity and beauty. Let us know if we can help you with anything related to art or antiques.  Comment on our blog or email us with direct inquiries. We would be delighted to further acquaint you with our collection and activities -- and to hear about some of yours.  Thank you for visiting! Please bookmark and check our ever changing collection again to see what we find next while out there ....

Tracking the Marvelous!

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