How to Commission Art

Favorite things, an important person,  an historical landmark, a beautiful place, a memorable occasion -- all of these  make wonderful subjects for a work of art in  homes, offices, public spaces and  institution showcase areas. Collectors can be assured of an easy, collaborative process to create a  meaningful, new addition to their collection with the help of our in-house, creative consultant and professional artist.

Dutch n Duchess Art
Fees 'n' Procedures

Commissioned Art






Prices are  specific to a combination of factors, presented to each client with a set  'menu' of choices. Most are included in the basic fee. As each work is inherently different from another,  during a consultation, a price will be determined  that remains fixed  if added to the artist's wait list within thirty days.  Prices quoted and payments to be made are preferred  in EUROS in two or three payments at the beginning and end or as agreed.



Gallery paintings can also be commissioned and are priced according to subject, size, and complexity. Contact the artist for an estimate.

Fees for architectural landmarks and private residences takes into account amounts to foliage and architectural details. and the size of the work. Generally, after 20 x 24 inches,  prices are graduated taking into consideration, complexity of the subject, the size. All details are discussed and summarized on paper before work is begun.

 Portraits make stunning surprise gifts and we have beautiful gift certificates to open this possibility to organizations and individuals for strategic collaboration and delivery.

A number of TBH paintings are available via DnD Art on a regular basis direct from the artist's studio. Some examples are shown in the Collectors Eye link. Most are for sale and a few are to demonstrate various types of media. Newer works are posted on social network sites accessed easily via the artist's  website

Paintings can be
acquired directly in Collectors Eye or  individujally designed according to your wishes for later delivery as an Intimate Original , the commission gallery. Feel free to 'Contact us'  for a no-obligation consultation to explore your idea and how it might translate into a meaningfujl addition to your collection.


TBH Intimate Originals

First Consultation?
Here's what to expect

 Our artist receives  your call or  email  and  arranges a time and place to meet, either  at her studio in Waterloo, Belgium or she comes to you if within a reasonable driving distance. In some cases not in driving distance, she may use internet  to determine preferences.

Once the idea is set she outlines this in writing and sets a start date for sittings. A photo shoot may follow or she may make prelimineary sketches or both.
TBH  takes care of any special  lighting equipment if needed and  collaborates on appearance decisions such as the most suitable colors; formal, informal setting; the setting indoors or outdoors; any props, pets, family heirlooms that might add to the work.   All kinds of combinations will be photographed for purposes of  discussion and plan a definitive composition.


What and Who will be in your painting?

Number of sitters
Single person
Head & Shoulders
Half Figure
Three Quarter Figure
Full length

Wardrobe selection

Scene selection 
Neutral background
Detailed exterior
Detailed interior

Framing advice
Final placement

Posthumous work
Rush target date

Most of these considerations are included in a flat fee. Travel and Shipping
 if necessary, are additional


With all original artworks a record of provenance is provided, describing with pictorial reference and text the details of the artwork and its production.