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Tracking the Marvelous - PARIS

DAYTRIP & ANTIQUES COURSE  is an onboard course taught by a Dutch 'antiquaire' .  Our bus boards each Spring from Waterloo, Belgium. To register email us for interest only during February.  You will get an email  booking notice with payment options close to the deadline. Spaces are confirmed upon receipt of payment.  Full refund is provided if  trip is cancelled  for any reason by the organizer.  Price includes refreshments, 4- hour course, 2 stops for antiques, 2 rest stops. Vip Bus (table and chair seating runs with groups of 10-15 and lots of room for bargain trophies!  Not included: Italian Lunch on the Champs Elysees (with group reservation a la carte). 
   ITINERARY                        BROCHURE

  What Knot to Wear
the Scarf Class'and much more!) 
Accompanied with many demonstrations and a free 112- page booklet to all  class participants--with easy pictograms for all nationalities. Find out how to drape a scarf for any occasion with ease and flair from head to toe, on hats, handbags, wine, cushion seats, handbags --you name it.  Complete description and PDF brochure download available with the red arrow button..
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  Wardrobe Wise                               
Never feel the need for an expensive color course again -- learn color theory that you can apply for many occasions from a professional artist and color specialist,  Each session comes with free book, minimum two hours.  Call or email to set up a convenient time to learn how to pull your look together with confidence.  Private consultations , Gift Certificates, 
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   5-Day Comprehensive Drawing Workshop   

Fall in love with skills that marry a lifetime of quest and enjoyment of the artist life -- go for  the challenge. Learn in easy gradual steps over five days with visible results from day one.   

Waterloo, Belgium 

 Classical  Drawing          
Secrets to acquiring dead ringer likeness are unveiled by applying a method of drawing employed by the masters.  Leonardo Da Vinci said the artist's best friend is the mirror. Find out why and how to use one with the tools  the same as those of Renaissance artists--using the sculpture casts made at the Florence Academy of Art




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the Marvelous


 Get wheels rolling for your own group or colleagues  with our PARIS DAYTRIP AND ANTIQUES COURSE.

a day at the largest permanent indoor flea market in Europe! To coordinate the date you prefer, just click the Contact Us button on the left sidebar on most pages.

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Plein Air Normandy

An experienced artist and European resident takes you to some of the coolest, most  famous artist towns and villages of France.  Add our five-day paint out to your own jaunt abroad--Visits can include significant areas  of art history outside of Paris-- Richard the Lionhearted Castle, Monet's beloved Giverny, and Van Gogh's resting place which was frequently visited by hundreds of  artists, many of whose works are renown in today's prominent museums. For more info , 'Contact us" (left button)

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Plein Air Class &
Paint Outs

 2 day class where you can learn how to gear up for plein air and to select the perfect  feather weight minimalist palette for maximum results. The goal is to be able to finish a painting in about three hours ,but you can return to the site as often as you wish. 'Contact us" for more info or join the invitation list to receive registration info. Class runs in Spring rain or shine.

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Drawing Class  

This is the most comprehensive drawing courses you will  find compiled into one fantastic and fun week.  Absolute beginners, Improvers, Refiners and Maintainers sit side-by-side to complete continuous, progressive exercises to bring out a new personal best. in drawing and composition-the surest way to improve painting skills  For more info , 'Contact us" or sign up for our newsletter and be the first ot get registration details.     more



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Artist, Instructor, Author
Teresa Beth Hough
As featured in Shaw Guides, Expat Women
Career n a Suitcase, and Expat Entrepreneur

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