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awardicon Promotie van de Medal Sculpture Award 2011
Teresa Beth Hough,  received a juried sculpture award from a non profit organization based in Belgium, whose activities center upon keeping medal art in the limelight.  
awardicon FAWCO Fellowship 2011
 is awarded to Teresa Beth Hough for study of ecorché or anatomy for artists at The Florence Academy of Art   more
awardicon Waterloo Trienniale 2010
Teresa Beth Hough received a Prix de Public or People's Choice Award for a full length self portrait juried by public votes     more
awardicon Laureate de Prix du Concours 2008
Teresa Beth Hough won the national design award  and exhibited her work at the awards ceremony and vernissage for vexillogie/heraldry design to commemorate the 200 year anniversary of the SRH --the Societe Royal de Harmonie from 1808-2008 in Belgium 


'  Waxing on....  our blog dedicated to antiques is a venue for collectors to find articles and photos about antiques and art  -- trips, antiques discussion evenings and articles. Don't miss the  The Top Ten Antiques to Buy in Belgium    more.                                                                              
Tracking the Marvelous is a closed blog  for  collectors who  join our Paris Trip and Antiques course.  The purposeto communicate the joy of the hunt for all kinds of antiques from the quirky eccentric to genuine while artfully dodging the fakes.   more

  The Dutchess Challenge is about the serendipity that always occurs when an artist takes the studio outdoors to capture a landscape in nature. Timing is faster  because the l light changes and the great outdoors is beautiful but can present challenges like insects or long trail to get the right spot,  desolate or full of people,  café setting, etc.    more

Intimate Originals includes posts  about art and the production of art, especially commissioned or bespoke portraits.   more


Book an antiques program  for your next social club or business meeting. Email your club dates and desired topic to antiques@dutchnduchess.com

Entertain with factual lecture relating to collecting, art, antiques, scarf -tying, decorating on a dime and more. Ask for our colorful brochures about our services and courses. See also Paris Antiques Trip


We are available by appointment to provide transportation on a buyer's route for individual dealers on purchasing trips in the Benelux throughout the year

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Pewter, Delft and European 18th and 19th century antique furniture

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Jan/Feb 2008 issue
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Our  items have been featured prominently in leading home decorating magazines. We would be happy to visit your premises to make decorative recommendations regarding art and antiques



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