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Teresa Beth Hough

Creating art
for meaningful collections...

I love to do artwork that is so personally meaningful my client would not happen to find it even in the most intensive gallery search. The level of satisfaction is completely different.
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A portrait is a painting in which
 there is always something
 wrong with the mouth
--John Singer Sargent

You Write...   


...Thank you for the wonderful job you did on Carol's painting. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she gazed upon...the memories she will have for lifetime....  --Marleen Bednarik, Ohio

...Very nice. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I love his 'smirk' smile. It is so him. The eyes are perfect, the t-shirt is spot on...incredible... the furniture looks exactly like the real thing. I really like how you did the one chess piece. The octopus, army men, and computer game have so much meaning. I really like the way you incorporated them. We have been so fortunate to have you create these three portraits of our boys ... for us and future generations. Your work is beautiful and priceless....-Chris Endress, Indiana, USA

The painting is beyond words. Mother was shocked when she saw it. She was speechless for a couple of minutes and then tears rolled down her cheeks.I don;t think anyone  cherishes one of your paintings as much as Mom unless it would be me. I am so grateful to you.... .-
- Susan Best, Charlotte,NC

No one knows what this means to me. There are no words to explain. They would just have to know...-Janet B, Durham, NC

..This painting is the most satisfying thing I've ever done [edit. commissioned]  for anyone.... --Eric B, Washington, DC


Thanks so much for  opening up Provence to me. It was a lot to take in and I am sure I will absorb it all in time. Best of luck with your future endeavors. -Tina, New York City

I really enjoyed getting to know you and the joy that is art. The places you shared with us were amazing. - Sue K., Belgium(expat)

Thank you very much for organizing all of this [workshop].  Now it is time to relax.
Marion, Amsterdam

...Thanks for everything. I had a lovely time... - Glayol , Iran

I relate to you very much. Thanks for taking us to magnificent sights!  I think this experience has had a
great impact on my art llfe!
-Joneva , North Dakota

...Thanks for the planning and effort you put into making this a wonderful experience for me...-Ronnie, Brooklyn,NYC 

...Thank you for showing me Provence. It's a beautiful place....
-Sarah P, Arizona


I have to give you credit,.. Usually I want to paint more than others but you really hang in there with me and keep up. I'm  amazed by your energy..-- Dan Thompson, New York City
 ... Every day we go to a place that makes me think what could be better than this, and the next day we go to another place  that's even more beautiful.
 Dan Thompson, New York City


...'Took a short 1 week class in watercolor earlier this Fall and it was really below par. I really felt sorry for new students--no color theory, no discussion on lights, values-nothing! I'm so thankful you gave me that foundation....-Sue K.(US expat after repatriation)

'Un Merci' for your truly inspirational class. I can't tell you how much I learnt from you and you gave so much of yourself as a teacher.  I would never have believed you if you'd told me on Monday that by Friday I would do a self portrait in which did in fact look  like me. If you ever do Drawing part 2 in the same format count me in. [edit. 5 consecutive-days] -Vyvyan L (Scotish expat)

 Your comments are greatly appreciated.
Thank you!