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We take care of:


traditional furniture restoration
modern furniture repair 
touch up movers' damage
French polish
English finish
veneer repair
woodworm treatment


We offer:


no obligation estimates
free restoration advice
cost vs value advice
fixed estimates
fixed delivery times
full restoration plans
step by step restoration
photo documentation
written documentation
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As well as:


all hardware (handles/ hinges)
keys and locks
caning, rushing and webbing
tooled leather
paintings (repair and cleaning)
rewiring of lamps and lusters
repair and cleaning crystal lusters
clock repair
acoustic and electric instruments



18th Century Louis XVI  Metamorphic Sideboard


Shown right: >       
Original veneers were carefully removed (steamed)   from the warped side. After straightening the warped panel the originashown right: >

Jaap 020.jpg (701593 bytes)

Jaap 031.jpg (1224247 bytes)




Mahogany &
Satinwood Veneer


Jaap 014.jpg (1083428 bytes)  Jaap 010.jpg (1018556 bytes)  Jaap 013.jpg (945753 bytes)  Jaap 015.jpg (1289780 bytes)
( click picture for details )

  • Restoration needed:   Overall  

    Problems:  Construction warped because of moist damage

     Marquetry inlay was  damaged
     and partly missing

  • Finish, Color, and Condition of wood very poor and seriously mistreated for many years

    "refinished" with a modern varnish;

    Missing parts: 

  • Broken roller shutter door

    Cracked horizontal surfaces

    Inappropriate replacements and poor amateur restorations.
    Broken locks

    Keys lacking

    Bronze ornaments corroded and and dull.


Complete structure was gently
 taken apart 

Jaap 017.jpg (1145278 bytes)
click picture for details
Step by step appropriately refitted, following original structure and design 

*  *   *

              Jaap 023.jpg (738715 bytes)            
 click pictures for details
Drawers were re-fitted to glide easily
(click pictures for details)

*   *   *

 Jaap 030.jpg (1043532 bytes)  

Missing parts were re-added: period brass knobs found to match the recovered  originals, suitable to the period it was made,  (circa 1780)
veneers were re-applied.




  < Shown left:
 The complete finish was gently removed. Surface damage and discoloration treated. More than 24 layers of traditional French polish were applied. (hand rubbed) 

Jaap 018.jpg (874216 bytes)

Jaap 025.jpg (1192322 bytes)

All bronze hardware pieces were cleaned, treated and re-gilded with 24 carat  gold in the traditional manner. Period locks were found / remade and antique keys were made to match.

19th Century Early Victorian Dressing Table


Dressing_table_2.JPG (122249 bytes)

Dressing_table_5.JPG (110959 bytes)

Dressing_table_1.JPG (134066 bytes)

Dressing_table_2.JPG (122249 bytes)

Dressing_table_5.JPG (110959 bytes) 


Construction-wobbly, unstable 
Finish, Color, and Condition of wood; Missing parts,' Swollen' drawers
Inappropriate replacements

Restoration needed:   Total  

Entering the workshop: Complete structure was gently taken apart and appropriately refitted, following original structure and design 

Missing parts were re-added: period knobs were turned to match the recovered  originals, suitable to the period it was made,  (circa 1860)

Swollen drawers were made to fit and glide easily.   

 An amateurish finish consisting of a combination of poorly hand-painted varnish and a synthetic lacquer obviously sprayed on, to 'hide' this failed effort, a thick layer of wax had been applied. Scratches,  fading, due to bleaching from sunlight, left a generally lack luster surface that needed to be brought back to life.

The complete finish was gently removed. Surface damage and discoloration treated. More than 18 layers of shellac was (hand rubbed) applied. Then the top layer was toned down and a light natural wax layer applied to give the piece the protection it needs when daily used.



Dressing_table_2R.jpg (51512 bytes)

Dressing_table_5R.jpg (128488 bytes)

Dressing_table_1R.jpg (139495 bytes)

Dressing_table_2R.jpg (51512 bytes)

   Dressing_table_5R.jpg (128488 bytes)

Louis Philippe Chest of Drawers


      Years ago we bought our Louis Philippe mahogany chest of drawers in France.  
      Now the piece needed a serious restoration. The wood had chipped off in many places, due to years of wear and tear and many moves. 
     We were extremely pleased with the end result. Jaap did a
wonderful job in restoring the marks and in giving back the beautiful rich sheen to the wood. 
     We are very happy and will certainly work with Jaap again, if we need some
furniture restored.

--Nathalie & Nigel Mould


Lost Glory Rejuvenation

Testimonial_Nathely.JPG (66664 bytes)

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Restoration needed:

Repaired a split in side panel caused by the inner frame which expanded due to changing temperatures. Repaired bottom drawer runners to make it close perfectly again.

Replaced  missing pieces of veneer and colored to match.

Stripped the left side panel which suffered severe water damage and re-colored to match.

French polished all repaired parts and revived dull French polish on the remainder of the piece

The Table Clock Story


Brought to us in a shoe box

Brounker Watts before.JPG (715399 bytes)

 passed down in the family, from British origin, the clock  endured several moves with its owner...

Acquired by inheritance: c. 1720
After restoration:  35.000,00

       This early 18th Century English Table clock was brought to us  for a simple clean and fix-up. Much to their surprise,  we informed the owners that this clock was made by one of England's most important clock-makers of the 17th/18th Century Braunker Watts. Watts was an apprentice of Joseph Knibb and worked on London's, Fleet Street from the late 17th Century until his death in the first quarter of the 18th Century. This clock dates from approx. 1720 and needed serious restoration to the clockwork as well as the case.

        What started out as a quick fix ended up in a major restoration project including undoing changes made in the past, major mechanical repairs, total cleaning, replacing veneer, ebonizing the case, fretwork, silver-coating, gilding and tuning. This more than 6 month process resulted in a magnificent example of timepiece-history returned to its original glory to become a family showpiece.

Complete  restoration process was carried out by top specialist, with stages managed through the resources of
Dutch & Duchess Antiques



now  shown with  pride on the mantel

Brounker Watts after1.JPG (1008121 bytes)

 with a transformation that increased its value to a show stopping  worth  in excess of 35,000 Euros

Wall Clock





[Speechless Tears ]

--Cheryl Vellek

Cheryll's Clock

Cheryll 2.JPG (81934 bytes)

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  Restoration needed:

Partly disassembled the upper structure and re-glued the panels.

Straightened the warped clock face-door and replaced glass. 

Terminated woodworm and repaired woodworm damage.

Re-produced missing ornaments to match the rescued ones.

Colored and polished walnut weight board.

Rejuvenated patina  with natural wax and overall cleaning and shining up

Lisa's Family Heirloom


Chinese table before 1.JPG (101281 bytes)

Mid 19th Century Chinese Elmwood Side Table

Chinese table before 2.JPG (119526 bytes) 

Serious blistering, water damage and discoloration

Chinese table before 3.JPG (78271 bytes)

Cracked support filled with a wax filler

Lisa Edmondson.JPG (121514 bytes)

Handed down in the family we had this table in our hall for many years. Seeing the result of the restoration I wish we have had this done years ago. A job well done.

--Lisa Edmondson




We invite you  to contact us for 
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  Chinese table after 1.JPG (121872 bytes)     

The "later" synthetic varnish carefully removed.

Chinese table after 2.JPG (88169 bytes)

Two layers of natural wax polished
 to a beautiful satin shine revealing
 its original color and "patin".

   Chinese table after 3.JPG (71155 bytes)

Removed filler and repaired the crack

Porcelain Restoration

meisboyflow 1.JPG (202063 bytes)



This 19th Century Meissen Porcelain Figure was chipped at the slip of the coat, very visibly.

Although restorations do not increase the value of an antique piece of porcelain, it will enhance the appreciation and enjoyment by improving the personal value.

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It takes a professional's eye to spot the restoration:  enjoy it on a cherished possession, but inspect very carefully when purchasing .





French Mahogany Settee Louis XVI  2.jpg (64067 bytes)

Upholstery dirty and damaged
Frame unstable
Finish dirty and dull

Half way

Fg dd306.jpg

Totally stripped
Sub-frame replaced; frame re-glued
Frame finish revived


FG_cc155.JPG (71139 bytes)

Professionally re-upholstered using
period-correct fabric
and traditional internal materials

Captain's Chair -


FG cc136.JPG (109447 bytes)



Buy before the restoration

Indulge you own taste
Stay in control...

This Victorian Captain's Chair  was purchased from the DnD workshop. The customer then selected appropriate materials.   Wood joints were strengthened and brought to a luster before the re-upholstering  

The customer exercised complete  control over costs and aesthetic choices to highest satisfaction

We invite you  to
Contact Us  for 
free estimates or advice

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