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Chateau Beloeil

        Fulfilling the wishes of Prince de Ligne, a discreet team of  talented volunteers, led by TBH, helped to restore lost glory to a 14-seat set of French salon furniture. Such architectural landmarks require mammoth financial and labor support to keep in perfect order. Preservation groups offer much needed assistance guided by the urgency and importance of the proprietor.  Other projects included polishing and waxing a very special collection of antique leather-bound books in the castle library.

           Shown in the photos, right: TBH working on one of the many preservation projects where lost glory was revived in the form of new upholstery for  furniture; including an unusually large four-seater sofa. The furniture was in threadbare state before the period silk brocade was be restored to perfect order.




The Academy
Concord,  North Carolina Fundraising Project:


An oversized graphite drawing was made of the beautiful architectural specimen of the noted National Historic Register.  From the original a limited edition contributed to the preservations of the structure whihc at the time was used as a private academy. The home has since returned to residential use and is currently owned by US Senator.  When it was an academy it was usual for parents to  gift the artwork to children attending the school as a graduation or other academic related keepsake. The original can be seen in the permanent collection  in Waterloo, Belgium..








See more of the furniture in the rotating photographic heading of the Chateau Beloeil website.  
Or visit the chateau during one of its annual events such as the Amaryllis exhibition in Spring or the Night of Beloeil, music festival with fireworks


Photos left to right:
 TBH  working on upholstery project fourteen seat set of salon furniture for the main receiving room of Chateau Beloeil in Belgium. 


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